Spice 기반 아날로그 / 디지털 회로해석

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      해석항목 :

 Operating Point

Finds steady state bias point and produces report of circuit voltages, currents and device operating parameters Analysis over time. Provides voltage, current and power at all nodes or devices.  


 Performs a small signal analysis of the circuit linearised about its operating point.  


Operates in one of six modes:

   Frequency sweep. (As standard SPICE)

   Device sweep. (E.g. resistor or capacitor value)

   Model parameter sweep

   Global parameter sweep

   Temperature sweep

   Single step Monte Carlo sweep (repeats analysis while applying component tolerances).


Repeats DC solution using any of the sweep modes, except frequency, described for AC analysis.


Performs a small signal noise analysis of the circuit linearised about its operating point. Calculates total noise at a nominated output and the contributions from every noisy device. Operates in any of the six modes described for AC analysis.

 Transfer Function

Similar to AC but calculates response to a single output from all sources. Operates in any of the six modes described for AC analysis.

 Real Time Noise

An extension of transient analysis, applies noise generators to all noisy devices with a magnitude calculated using the same equations as for small signal noise. Allow noise plotting in real time.


Calculates sensitivity of circuit components and model parameters to a specified circuit parameter.


Finds the AC transfer function of a circuit in terms of its pole and zero locations.


     특 징 :

  • Integrated into the Pulsonix Schematic capture design environment
  • Dialog driven user interface
  • Convergence performance in benchmark trials exceeds results from industry leaders
  • True mixed-mode simulation: closely coupled direct matrix (SPICE 3) analogue and event driven digital simulator
  • Post simulation random probing
  • Monte-Carlo and Multi-Step analysis
  • Noise analysis
  • Transient restart
  • Non-linear magnetics with support for air gaps
  • Automatic pseudo transient analysis algorithm for operating point solution
  • Variable step GMIN and source stepping (the standard SPICE3 variants use a fixed step)
  • Bias annotation markers with dynamic updating
  • 30,000 Spice model library definitions and 6,500 actual models
  • Drag and drop model addition to the library
  • Pulsonix Spice is compatible with 99% of available SPICE models
  • Import standard SPICE models from outside suppliers - many of which can be downloaded from the Internet
  • HSpice model file compatibility
  • Analyses: operating point, DC sweep, transient, AC small signal, transfer function, sensitivity, pole-zero
  • Comprehensive waveform analysis
  • User definable scripting language in simulator
  • Comprehensive printed user reference guide