High Speed Design :


 The High Speed cost option is available for the PCB design editor. A rich interactive  toolset featuring constraint  based routing and including differential pair routing, interactive  net length (min & max) routing and indicators,  Serpentine routing and Spiral definition.

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 Features :

  • Easy definition of high speed rules using Technology files
  • Rules can be defined at Schematic stage by the engineer and automatically transferred to the PCB design
  • Rules easily defined on a per net class basis
  • Rules analysis checked using DRC


 Differential Pair Rules

  • Differential pair definition and routing
  • DRC check and reporting
  • Pin to Pin rules
  • Gap definition rule
  • Percentage % pair routing rule
  • Length deviation rule
  • Rule check for paired track but not routed paired
  • Interactive routing of pairs using pair router mode
  • Start/end/remove modes of operation
  • Add pair mode to add 'cone' route to master already defined
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 Net Length Rules

  • Net length rules definition (min & max length)
  • Interactive net length rules during manual routing
  • Visual net length indicators showing min/max and textural indicators
  • Track length min/max rules and Pin to Pin rules
  • Max number of vias rule
  • Min/Max track width rule
  • Via diameter rule
  • Display of rules during interactive routing
  • Display of Min/Max rules using dynamic octagons
  • Display of rules in text with dynamic update
  • Colour changes of rule indicators/text when inside and outside rule tolerance
  • Rule text size defintion



 Serpentine Routing

  • Serpentine routing for 'focused' interactive routing patterns
  • Min/Max amplitude
  • track separation distance
  • number of cycles
  • cycle reduction and removal
  • automatic obstacle avoidance
  • additional length rule
  • min/max track length rules obeyed
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 Interactive Spiral Support

  • Spirals using intelligent rules supported
  • Circular/square shape
  • Gap rules defined
  • Number of turns
  • Inner spiral width defined
  • Aspect ration for non-square shapes
  • Corner radius defined for circular shapes
  • Spirals can be made in Copper and non-electrical shapes
  • Spirals can be created and saved within the footprint definition
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 Daisy Chain Rules

  • Daisy Chain rules
  • Pin to Pin topology
  • Min/Max length rules support
  • Testpoints per net defined