DataBase Connection


회사의 전산시스템에서 부품을 검색하고 선택하여 설계에 즉시 적용이 가능한 시스템이다.


Productivity :

Instant access to your corporate component data through PDC helps increase your productivity, assisting you in locating and selecting the right parts for your project, whilst at the same time ensuring that you have the details you need to take account of company standards, or obsolete or out-of-stock parts.

Using a single source for data eliminates duplication of effort and minimises the risk of out-dated information being used. Supplier and pricing information can be maintained by your admin staff and is instantly available to your design team.

Read the PDC Datasheet


Product Cycle :


Access to database information through PDC is supported throughout the product cycle, from initial selection of components through to checking design consistency against the database and producing up-to-the-minute Bill Of Materials and other reports from 'current' information in the database.

Flexibility :


Using industry-standard ODBC for connection to the data source, PDC can hook up to a wide range of manufacturing, engineering and corporate databases including Microsoft Access, Excel and SQL Server, MySQL, IBM, and even text and comma-separated (CSV) files.


Features :

Single source of information for company part numbers, prices, suppliers, etc

Ensure that parts selected will satisfy new legislation (RoHS etc)

Ensure compatible parts are available from stock or on acceptable lead times

Ensure that parts being used are not obsolete or prohibitively priced

Easy search for required components to add to design

Obtain up-to-date pricing of parts for Bill Of Material purposes

Fully configurable interface to database with optional administrator control

Fully integrated into Pulsonix environment in both Schematic and PCB

Access to database fields within Report Maker for full flexibility in report generation

Read more detail in the datasheet