Shpae-based autorouter :


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 Features :

  • Tightly integrated into the Pulsonix PCB design environment
  • Gridless routing of up to 256 layers
  • Shape-based architecture
  • Modern multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction adaptive routing algorithm
  • Highly efficient, fast and intelligent with high completion rates
  • Unlimited Power Plane layers
  • Route by net class, all design or selected nets/Components
  • Via size by net class
  • SMD escape fanout control
  • Routes SMDs on both sides of the board
  • Supports embedded component technology
  • Memory routing pass
  • Split/full Plane/Ground Planes support
  • Supports pre-defined breakout patterns
  • Customisable cost factors
  • Post-route cleanup optimisation
  • Runs existing &DO& strategy files
  • Four product variants available